Why Hire Us?

  • No Contracts or binding agreements!
  • Dependable & Trustworthy
  • Locally Owned & Owner-Operated
  • A Folsom, CA Business Since 2006!
  • Keep us all year round or available month to month

Because the space we occupy in our industry and marketplace, are providing reliable, as trouble free as possible, weekly pool service. We strive to be both the standard, and your household name when it comes to preventative pool maintenance. We differ from our competitors, by maintaining a low overhead.  We are also owner-operated which makes the service we provide more traditional, and personal. Because we are a local business in Folsom and El Dorado Hills, we are accountable and always in your neighborhood to respond to new service inquires, or unexpected concerns on very short notice.

We have also implemented value packed preventative maintenance procedures and bring each service we offer to your pool, the way we would want it brought to our very own. These services and procedures are built into every weekly maintenance service we offer at no additional charge or surprise fees.

As an owner operated, local small business, you can rely on us to always be courteous, reliable and accountable for all work performed at your residence.

We have heard it all……

Truth be told many of our would be competitors appear to be in the business of selling you costly products, which may only temporarily isolate a water quality issue, however fail to offer or provide products and familiarization on how to eliminate the source or root of the problem. This is typically because waiting for neglected repairs are a major profit center for them.

Our clients often tell us that their previous service only checked for the basics, and were rarely thorough, as it appeared they were on strict time constraints and focused on quantity rather than quality.

Others have stated they never knew who was in their yard, when, or if their service even showed up, yet never failed to receive an unexpected bill from their service, with repairs or services never approved, or authorized beforehand.

We include and supply everything needed to maintain a healthy and pristine pool year round. There are never any unexpected extra charges or services. Whether you need a $2.00 part or a major equipment upgrade we consult with you and require an authorization to precede. If there are any services that are outside of our scope, or that we simply do not do, we will refer you to an industry professional with equally high standards.

With Suburban Pool Service you always know what to budget for each month and we will only apply a small filter cleaning fee at the start and end of each pool season (Spring & Fall). We will also test and inspect your entire pool and equipment area during the spring & fall filter cleaning interval for potential problems so they can be addressed and corrected before having to deal with any unnecessary down time during the swim season.

Suburban Pool Service Cares….

  • Uniformed, Licensed & fully insured
  • We maintain a detailed on-site chemical & visit log
  • We service pools rain or shine!
  • We love dogs!
  • We check and respond to email inquires twice daily (At noon and again at 5:00pm)
  • Send me a text message, I will get back to you right now (916)792-4836