New Plaster Start-Up

 $350 (traditional)  $450 (*Hot Start-up) *Necessary for some surfaces, contact us to determine if the surface you are installing requires a “Hot Start-up” procedure.

Getting an existing pool re-surfaced/ plastered? or building a new pool?

A new pool, or freshly re-surfaced pool will start to hydrate immediately after the mixing process, with most of the hydration taking place within the first 28 days. During this critical phase, is when the surface is most susceptible to staining and discoloration.

A proper start-up procedure, should include timely, daily and frequent brushing, along with constant monitoring and adjusting of the pool water chemistry.

We will professionally adjust your pools core chemistry for a period not fewer than 14 days, beginning on the date your swimming pool is plastered. The first 3-4 days are most critical and will be visited by our startup technician. After the first 3-4 days, we will visit the pool every other day, on an as needed basis, up to 14 days total.